What if…

A while ago I came across Phojoe, a site offering age progression photos. Some of them are pretty darn spectacular. They admit on the site that the process is really more of an art form, rather than a strict science in the forensic sense. With this in mind, one of the testimonials caught my eye.

My son wanted to be a Professional Baseball Player…Phojoe, I am so pleased with the photo, please go ahead and send them. I can’t express to you what an amazing gift your service is, especially to a grieving parent. You’ve helped to answer one of the many “what if’s” I’ve had since I lost my son. Thank You again, so very much. Gratefully,
Allison P – Jamestown, SC

This quote almost got me a bit choked up. Try reading it when it’s sitting right under the photo of her son, who looks about 5 years old. Now I’ll try and say this next bit without sounding too heartless…

The age progression is basically a fantasy; an artist’s impression of what could have been. While it looks convincing at first glance, if you look closer, the eyes have changed from brown to blue and the nose looks quite different. It’s not a stretch to imagine this as a stock photo, or a composite of stock features. So it puzzles me how such a fabrication has the power to bring relief to a grieving mother. Maybe I don’t get it because I don’t have kids of my own.

Haru Irasshai!


Spring has finally arrived! Ahh, my favourite time of year ^_^

To celebrate this marked occasion, I present my observations of the local bee population that have begun harvesting the peach/plum blossoms in my backyard. Otherwise known as “in which I risk several injections of histamine” it was quite a relaxing experience, despite the difficulty of getting good shots of the little buggers. These fickle little creatures rarely stay on the same flower for more than about 10 seconds. Perhaps they are just fickle by nature, or maybe it had something to do with having a camera persistently poked in their faces. About half of the bees just ignored me while the rest moved on dutifully.

I love having this tree in my backyard. There are distinctly pink flowers around the base which suggests a graft. I think these are peach blossoms, while the white ones are plum. Anyway, I am inescapably reminded of sakura, adding to the list of references to Japan which recently appear to be increasing. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something