Our search for a paradoxical existance

A post along these lines has been floating around in drafts for a couple of years, but my thoughts on the subject were dredged up recently while watching a couple of films, namely AI: Artificial Intelligence, then literally laid out on the autopsy table in Prometheus. As an atheist, I’m specifically interested in the phenomenon that many humans, especially those of a religious persuasion, cling to the creationist ideal–that we humans were created by the will of some higher being, and this is what gives our lives meaning.

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Are you a Computer Scientist, Programmer or Software Developer?

Alternative title: Are you willing to be pigeonholed by someone with a narrow view of the software industry? I recently came across a post by Alan Snorkin which claims there are three types of people in software: computer scientists, programmers and developers. It’s pretty short and worth a read.

On the face of it the post seemed insightful. I could see myself as fitting best into the programmer category. But I fail to see the point of  this kind of restrictive pigeonholing. It may appeal to recruiters and managers who percieve it makes their job easier – but beyond that it’s largely counterproductive.

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